Prompt and Reliable

Dear Richard,

Thank you for the excellent work you did for us here in the house. You and your crew, John, Maurice, Cesar and Juan, did a wonderful job removing blown and batt insulation from our attic, dealing with clean-up issues, replacing all the old attic insulation with new batts, laying a new plywood floor there, removing old plywood on the exterior and replacing it with new plywood, which you primed and painted, installing continuous soffit vents and a bathroom exhaust fan with ducts to vent through the soffit vent. These were not easy tasks considering our attic is not a stand-up attic, and we appreciated that you all tackled the tasks without complaint.

In addition to your very prompt and reliable appearance every single day of the work, much of it under very difficult and uncomfortable weather circumstances, you brought to our attention the need for a new front light, changed all the outdoor bulbs (we hadn't even thought of that!) and had your HVAC contractor come in to check the integrity of our air handler in the attic, as well as an electrician to install and wire the fan according to existing codes. You arranged for a dumpster for removal of everything from the premises. We were very impressed with the professional demeanor of you and the crew. You respected all our requests and consulted with us every step of the way. You allowed us to
follow you around, monitor your progress and ask questions. All the work was done to our great satisfaction. Our premises were kept very clean and neat through every step of the process. This may be the first contractor work that we didn't have to clean up after!!

We have already referred your company to a number of people who have contacted us for referrals for other work, and will continue to do so since we so appreciated the excellence of the work performed in such an organized and professional manner, as well as the hands-on customer service, thereby insuring all was completed not only timely, but to our great satisfaction. Thank you for your estimates for further work we can consider come spring.

We are happy to be listed as a referral for E & C and again, thank you very much!

Carol Sutton & Kathy Kullgren